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Cloak App

Azarya Mukhi
Cloak App

This Project won 2nd Place in Multimedia / Interface Design for the IDA Design Awards 2017 and was Nominated for the Red Dot Awards.



Over the summer vacation I was headed for a job interview in San Francisco. As I do every night before I go to bed, I started thinking of what I could possibly wear to this interview. I knew I needed to look presentable and appropriate at the same time but I also didn’t know what in the world I could possibly wear. I thought about it for ages, which lead to not being able to sleep due to the fact that it stressed me out about not having anything to wear! I realized I had recently purchased a top that I could wear to the interview. I got up in the morning to get started packing for my trip, only to realize that the blazer I wanted to wear for the interview turned out to be in the wash since I had worn it a few days ago and spilled some coffee on myself. I checked the weather prior to packing so I would be prepared for the weather conditions. This lead to not knowing what shoes to wear seeing as the weather showed it would be raining that day. I was back to square one. I had to think about packing for my little trip in a smart and efficient way. I didn’t want to over pack since I wasn’t too keen on having to pay for a check in bag for a three day trip. I wanted to pack as light as possible, so that it could all fit in my carry on duffel bag. I ended up having to check in and pay for a bag because I couldn’t decide what to wear so I packed options just in case.


Cloak is the simple and fun way to create outfits based on its appropriate occasion/event! Whether you are in need of something to wear for an interview, a wedding or even just for going to class, Cloak makes this easy by seeing what your outfit would look like on an avatar that looks just like you! Not only can you plan outfits for events, you can also plan outfits for a whole trip and pack for the trip at the same time! Just scroll through everything you own in your closet and tap to see what that would look like on your avatar. Cloak assist in choosing the perfect outfit based on the weather and what is available! Say goodbye to wasting time and being late over finding the perfect outfit, no more excuses Cloak has got your back


  • Stressing over the perfect outfit for the right occasion

  • Not being prepared for weather conditions

  • Not knowing what was in the wash and what is in the wardrobe

  • Failing to pack light and efficiently


  • Pack for your trip stress free, weather your in bed or standing in line waiting to pay. Pack on the go by planning your outfits ahead of time!

  • Plan your outfits according to the weather conditions

  • Know what is available in your closet! Is it dirty? Is it clean?

  • Allows you to pack the right amount, never to little never too much so it saves you money and time!








This webpage was created to enhance the qualities of Cloak to its potential users. It was created using Webflow.