Azarya Mukhi


Azarya Mukhi



Hermes of Paris, or simply Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. It specializes in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches and ready-to-wear. My goal of the realignment is to better utilize what they have to offer as a brand and create a connection between their online website and their in store feel, this was successful through adding a personalization aspect to their online website. I have added a Personal Shopper feature, assigning each Hermes shopper their own Personal shopper, there to help them through all their questions and concerns. This new realigned website no longer has a cart feature and instead acts as a look book, therefore pushing all Hermes clients to head to their store instead of online shop. After all, no shop makes you feel more expensive and luxurious than the Hermes one.


To better gain an understanding of my target audience, I created these two Personas.



The sketches shown below were used to establish both content and hierarchy of all the pages on the website. The main focus of these sketches were to show the movement and adaptation each page had through various devices. In this case I focused on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.


Style tiles are the next essential step after sketches. It adds color, typography and images allowing the design to come together.



These are visual representations of the new aligned website. These visuals follow a 12 column grid system for all three devices (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile).


The homepage features the latest trends on Hermes and the latest items available. It begins with a Slideshow which has a sneek peek to the products Hermes offers. It has links to your personal Account page as well as inside views on other things available, the weekley must-haves and the trending fashion on instagram. The new aligned website picks up your location and now shows you which store your selected item is available at, if it is in fact still available. It also displays Style of the Week and links with the Hermes instagram page, allowing customers to see what is trending in the incredible world of Hermes.


The Selected Handbag page includes a description of each item and if applies, the different colors it comes with. Here I have chosen to feature a handbag, since Hermes is known to mix their handbags with their scraves, including a feature where scarves have already been matched to your chosen item, adds a personalization aspect. Additionaly I have added a instagram feature, where you can now see who else is wearing your selected item. This allows users who are not so familiar with Hermes to gain a better understanding.


This is the most newly featured and important page to the realign. Your accounts page acts as your own personal page, displaying your recent purchases, recommended items hand picked by your Personal Shopper, your loves throughout the website and lastly, it allows you to book an appointment to see your personal shopper. It offeres a varity of differnet types of appointments as well as adds a much more personalized feel to Hermes. It makes you as their customer, feel cared about and uniqu


View the final coded realigned website. The website was coded using Zurb Foundations and was created for a Web Design class at Savannah College of Art and Design. It has breakpoints of 1440 px, 768px and 350px.